Company Profile

Quarina Mines & Minerals (P) Ltd (QMMPL) was incorporated in the year 2013 under ministry of Corporate Affairs. The Head Office is situated in Bengaluru (Bangalore), Karnataka, India (South). It is an Indo – Israeli company best known for mining and extraction of Lead ( Galena) Copper, Silver, Zinc & Gold. QMMPL has been involved in Lead ore (Galena) exploration activities in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, & Odisha where the activities have resulted in defining a number of Lead prospects spread across few of these states.

The new India, with a strong economic growth outlook, is looking to revive the mineral exploration and mining sector through foreign and Indian private investment and the planned introduction of liberalized internationally compatible mining policies. QMMPL with some of the best Lead, gold, Copper prospects in the country, geologically similar to areas that have been home to major world Lead, Silver, Zinc & gold discoveries, is playing a leading role in this revival.

Company has steadily grown from strength to strength and is recognized among leading Geotechnical Engineering/Mining Service Providers & Mining company in South India.

Thabout1e company is also known for mining & extraction of best quality base metals, precious stones, semi-precious stones and various minerals. The Operating Sites of mining are located in various mineral rich States in India along with upcoming projects in India and Africa. QMMPL is also part of FDI India program and Make in India concept where working to setup mineral separation units in India , however the company is actively involved in various socio-economic development programs in India.

QMMPL is known for operating & implementing latest & best available technology for the operations such as mining ,extractions & Separation of metals from extracted ore. The company was established with a mission of mining with minimum ecological and environmental risks, hence, the company invests substantially in research & development and acquires and implements the latest technology in the context of its mining operations. Perhaps, the Company believes in being responsible towards the environment, ecology and local community.

The Company believes in creating employment for the local community with necessary training and education of all necessary SOP’s & GMP’s, ensuring maximum safety of its employees and helping them with skill management/ enhancement programs. Quarina Mines & Minerals (P) Ltd is also interested and involved in the development of the local communities in the context of education, hygiene & healthcare, basic financial management skills, computer operating skills and other related technology education. The company also has a vision for agricultural development in terms of partnership/ collaboration with Israeli techniques of Agriculture & Farming for the development and advancement of the local community in over all Nation.

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