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During Exploration of Lead ore Area (Kadapa of Andhra Pradesh)



Radiation meter indicating Radiation of the Lead Ore (Kadapa of Andhra Pradesh)

Multi Disciplinary Services For The Mining Industry :

Objective opinions and solutions require an understanding of the underlying components, together with the experience and judgment to allocate relevant priority to these issues. QMMPL experienced personnel and practical approach give you achievable options, Suggestions and solutions together with an understanding of the associated risks.

If you are planning a new mine, or investment, or seeking to optimize performance of an existing mine, you have the opportunity to employ a team of specialists from a single company for fully integrated feasibility studies, due diligence assessments, business and operation review, economic evaluations and risk assessments.

QMMPL specializes in coordinating and integrating the input from discipline specialists to provide a thorough understanding of technical business issues within an appropriate business context. We will work with you to provide sustainable solutions to your issues.


Our exclusive reports help you make strong business decisions.

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geology3Mineral exploration is the process of finding ores (commercially viable concentrations of minerals) to mine. Mineral exploration is a much more intensive, organized and professional form of mineral prospecting and, though it frequently uses the services of prospecting, the process of mineral exploration on the whole is much more involved.…

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explorationThe careful design and management of an exploration project is critical in ensuring that funding is both forthcoming and spent on effective exploration activities. Our experienced team is able to review a project’s status, the client’s objectives and to provide advice and services for ongoing and future project development.

Effective exploration relies on integrating knowledge and experience from a wide variety of terranes and techniques. Our team of in-house geologists and associates can manage.…

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sensing2Interpretation and analysis of satellite and airborne imagery is a key component of effective exploration. Rapid development of new satellite platforms and sensors allows ever increasing resolution reliability and usefulness of remotely sensed data. Kraken Rocks associates offer a fast and reliable pathway to maximizing the utility of satellite, airborne and UAV data…

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innovative-inside011The fundamental success of a strategy depends on three critical factors: a firm’s alignment with the external environment, a realistic internal view of its core competencies and sustainable competitive advantages, and careful implementation and monitoring…

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mining1QMMPL has considerable experience in managing exploration programmes, interpreting the structural setting of ore deposits and in drilling, sampling and assaying techniques. This enables us to help our clients find, delineate and estimate the size and quality of their mineral deposits effectively. Our team of resource geologists has a wealth of experience in the majority of commodities and mineral occurrences…

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exploration3QMMPL focuses on mineral exploration using geochemistry; related fields also covered include geo-analysis, the development of methods and techniques used to analyze geochemical materials such as rocks, soils, sediments, waters and vegetation, and environmental issues associated with mining and source apportionment.

The major motive in exploring the earth’s surface and its interior is scientific curiosity or the desire to understand better the nature of the…

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statutory1Our knowledge & understanding of the Regulations, field experience, proven technical expertise, integrated with the Trust developed over the years with various Government departments & Authorities along with a history of Success ensures a sustainable, smooth & minimum interruption operations of your projects. More over having a team of Ex Dept of Mines & Geology team working with us as a partners we make things easy.

Preparation, Presentation and the Implementation of the regulatory /statutory compliances at National, State and Local Levels. with the experts who already…

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envirinment2Indigenous peoples are often amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable segments of the population due to their economic, social and legal status. They may be at particular risk from mining projects, as their lifestyle is often inseparably linked to their natural environment and they generally have limited capacity to defend their rights to land and natural resources…

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mining2Increasing proportions of the world’s minerals come from underground mines which require efficient and accurate operations to keep unit production costs low. In a business where profit margins depend on cyclical metal prices, it is vital to run an efficient operation based on an optimal mine design and scheduling.

Design studies for new mines and expansions to existing mines. QMMPL can provide the complete range of technical studies from conceptual to feasibility level. These documents provide the confidence to make key investment decisions and can be used…

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geo-technical1QMMPL Geotechnical Engineering group works in diverse environments, we can provide expert geotechnical advice and guidance through every step of the mine development process with continued support into operations. With our breadth and depth of experience from permafrost to equatorial latitudes Our group has broad experience in most mineral commodities, base and precious metals, Lead, Copper, Gold, diamonds etc and industrial minerals…

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minerals1Minerals & Metallurgy art of treating crude ores and mineral products in order to separa  te the valuable minerals from the waste rock, or gangue. It is the first process that most ores undergo after mining in order to provide a more concentrated material for the procedures of extractive metallurgy. The primary operations are comminution and concentration, but there are other important operations in a modern mineral processing plant, including sampling and analysis and dewatering…

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tailings1Managing mine waste and mill tailings in an innovative, sustainable manner. There is no doubt that the minerals produced through mining have been providing the basics for human civilization. However, the legacy of the 20th century has been the production of billions of tonnes of mine waste and mill tailings. The mass mining concept as a viable approach for the foreseeable future is producing greater amounts of waste and mill tailings. This conference seeks to discuss alternatives to managing…

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tailings5It has been calculated, that on average, it takes over 700 cubic meters of water to produce one ton of gold.  The mining sector is a significant water user – as well as a significant producer of wastewater.  It follows that effective mine water management is an essential component of a mine’s success.

In order to comply with regulations and ensure that the quality of water leaving…

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recycle2The mining industry is facing an era of increased regulation, increased opportunity, and increased global competition. Water scarcity is driving up the value of clean water while wastewater quality is increasingly under the magnifying glass of industry regulators. It is a challenging business climate – one in which heightened sensitivity to operational costs must balance with an increased demand for output – but one in which those with vision can excel and succeed….


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