Recycling Mine waste water Treatment



The mining industry is facing an era of increased regulation, increased opportunity, and increased global competition. Water scarcity is driving up the value of clean water while wastewater quality is increasingly under the magnifying glass of industry regulators. It is a challenging business climate – one in which heightened sensitivity to operational costs must balance with an increased demand for output – but one in which those with vision can excel and succeed.

Acid Mine Drainage : The discharge of acidic water from coal or metal mines often results in the pollution of nearby ground and surface water and liability for mining operators. Typically these mines are abandoned, but it is not uncommon for reclaimed mines to experience acid drainage. Ecosphere can help mining operations combat acid mine drainage through its portfolio of chemical-free water treatment technologies.

recycle3Mining Process Water

QMMPL  portfolio of advanced, green technologies empowers mining operations to maximize production, safeguard infrastructure investment, and reduce operating costs, while protecting the environment. Be it the prevention of scaling, corrosion, foaming, and bio-fouling, cooling water treatments, or water sterilization for boiler feed and other high purity applications, Ecosphere has life-cycle solutions for helping you meet your toughest financial and environmental challenges.

Tailing Pond or Leachate of Waste water Treatment

recycle4recycle5 Tailing pond water represents one of the greatest environmental liabilities for mining operations and the disposal of tailings is one of its greatest projected challenges. Ecosphere can help mine operators explore chemical-free methods for the treatment and processing of tailing pond water.

Leachate pollution is a major issue with landfill operation. The existing technologies for leachate treatment require intensive consumption of energy and lack sustainability of water reuse.

The system consists of three major processes, anaerobic digestion, microbial electrolysis cells, and forward osmosis. Leachate is treated through synergistic co-operation among the three processes. The research is original and innovative, because of its accomplishment of multiple tasks simultaneously.

recycle6Tailings and waste rock storage facilities must be designed, constructed and operated to t  he highest standards, taking into account the eventual need for closure and rehabilitation. Optimum strategies for facility management are site specific and therefore the facility location, disposal method, approach to water management and long term closure objectives must be clearly defined. SRK’s team of qualified professionals uses worldwide project experience and international best practice guidelines to select the most appropriate tailings delivery and waste rock storage methods.

Most significant experience of most conventional tailings disposal methods including

  • Slurry disposal to a valley storage — involving tailings discharge downstream towards a water retaining containment with supernatant decant or upstream away from the containment wall with a decant facility located at the upstream end
  • Slurry disposal to a ring containment wall on relatively flat ground with a centrally-located decant facility
  • Slurry disposal to a series of cells with tailings deposition cycled between the cells to facilitate consolidation and desiccation
  • Central thickened discharge on relatively flat ground, with supernatant water collected behind a water-retaining perimeter containment wall or in a water-tight perimeter channel
  • Down valley discharge of thickened tailings towards a containment wall, located at the head of a catchment
  • Disposal of thickened tailings to cells, possibly in combination with mechanically enhanced evaporative drying, as used for red muds in the alumina industry
  • In-pit placement of tailings as a slurry, as thickened tailings or combined with waste rock
  • Underground backfill of mined-out stopes, in the form of hydraulic fill, rock-fill or cemented paste tailings backfill


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