Mining Geology & Resource Estimation Consulting Services

mining1QMMPL has considerable experience in managing exploration programmes, interpreting the structural setting of ore deposits and in drilling, sampling and assaying techniques. This enables us to help our clients find, delineate and estimate the size and quality of their mineral deposits effectively. Our team of resource geologists has a wealth of experience in the majority of commodities and mineral occurrences.

Depending upon the nature of the commission, the study may combine: a brief review of salient data and reports, definition of key issues, focused data collection (outcrop and drill core), 3D geometrical and kinematic analysis using state-of-the-art software, and the integration of findings, resulting in a robust structural model.

Our overall approach is to tailor our input to our clients’ particular needs, whilst maintaining an independent role for reporting of resources and reserves in the public domain.

Many ore deposits are formed within tectonically active areas, such as ancient basins and organic belts. It is no wonder then that the vast majority of mineral deposits are affected or controlled, to a greater or lesser extent, by geological structures.

Resource Estimation - Sampling & Analysis

QMMPL has the capability to assess a client’s existing sampling programmes in order to determine whether the strategy employed by the client is meeting set aims and objectives. QMMPL considers key factors in executing these evaluations, such as,

  1. whether the correct sample volume is being taken
  2. whether a change could be introduced which would have significant impact and be cost effective
  3. whether the drill hole or sample layout will provide the level of confidence sought for the subsequent resource estimate.

mining2 mining3

QMMPL technical experts have the necessary statistical/ geo-statistical expertise and computer software to undertake in depth studies of the assay information obtained from sampling campaigns and to produce detailed conclusions and recommendations.