Mineral Exploration Services

mineral1The careful design and management of an exploration project is critical in ensuring that funding is both forthcoming and spent on effective exploration activities. Our experienced team is able to review a project’s status, the client’s objectives and to provide advice and services for ongoing and future project development

Effective exploration relies on integrating knowledge and experience from a wide variety of terranes and techniques. Our team of in-house geologists and associates can manage your exploration project from inception, through target definition, to resource development, and eventually through to extraction.

Good data management is essential for the success of an exploration project.  Important decisions need to be based on well-managed and effectively used data.  When data is not well-managed or used effectively, it may lead to poorly-informed decisions, creating mistakes further down the line in resource estimations, possibly requiring expensive re-acquisition of samples.

The services we offer include:

  • Extensive desk studies to compile and analyze all available data
  • Exploration planning
  • Target selection and prioritization
  • Geochemical and Geophysical programs
  • Drill hole planning
  • Logging templates
  • QAQC design


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