Geo-Technical Engineering Services

geo-technical1QMMPL Geotechnical Engineering group works in diverse environments, we can provide expert geotechnical advice and guidance through every step of the mine development process with continued support into operations. With our breadth and depth of experience from permafrost to equatorial latitudes Our group has broad experience in most mineral commodities, base and precious metals, Lead, Copper, Gold, diamonds etc and industrial minerals.

The successful development and operation of an underground mine requires the design and installation underground support systems appropriate to the rock conditions and the excavation geometries. The derivation of geotechnical mine design criteria is a fundamental aspect of the development and operation of underground mining projects.

  • Design and management of geotechnical investigation,
  • geo-technical2Drilling and laboratory testing programmes
  • Core logging, geological and geotechnical mapping
  • Mining method selection and mine excavation sequencing
  • Underground excavation stability analysis and stress modeling
  • Development of underground monitoring systems
  • Pit And Dump Slope Stability, Slope Design Optimization