Social Responsibilities

Quarina “community” vision is to support the local communities (villages) at the areas the company will operate in a way the communities will be able to benefit from Quarina activity, will be able to have “self-financed” operation and will take their future in their hands

In order to achieve this goal, QUARINA built a program, supported by very well experienced international team that combines 3 basic elements under the banner of QUARINA FOUNDATION


  • Educational programmes
  • Financial support with designated projects
  • “Self-finance” projects Education


Quarina sees 3 areas that are the basic “legs” to carry the local people into the modern world:

  • Health education – including personal hygiene (teeth, hands, family aspects(plan)) and environmental responsibility
  • Basic Financial management skills – how to manage a family budget, how to run small business (including tax payments, bank managing, “cash flow”, inventory  etc …)
  • Adding computer/software skills, web tools and practicing English

Quarina Foundation will financially support – nonprofit projects:

  • Nurse house to provide local health services and support
  • Computer class with web connection to provide on the net learning lessens. GEO will build and operate a “web class” for different type of “students” – children age and professional workers for the projects will be initiated for the benefit of the local communities. The learning programs will be built based on the local community’s needs and the Government gaudiness.
  • Agriculture guides for local farmers

Self-finance” projects

  • Quarina will initiate agriculture bank – where farmers will be able to receive loan dedicated for increasing agriculture production. The bank will be operating in conjunction with the agriculture education program to maximize the potential and the opportunity given to the local farmers.
  • Quarina will collaborate with foreigner experts to build an experiment agriculture farm where different species of plants will be checked in order to find best economic/cost-effective crop to be grown – and be exported from India (GEO is already in touch with high reputable Israeli agriculture consultancies to establish this project). After having a picture of what are the best economic crops to be grown In the area, GEO will initiate a company with the local community to operate the farm.
  • Renewable energy and water treatment projects will be checked and in case the feasibility study will support initiating a project – Quarina will look for partners to build those projects.

In order to start the agriculture project there will be a need of intensive research –

  • Ground elements (salt, PH, heavy metals or other residuals that will have impact on what will grow there).
  • Acclimate conditions – including Sun radiation, wind, dust in the air, humidity, temperature – to understand the influence on the potential corps  to be grown
  • Water – water accessibly, water salt, PH, temperature

New employments opportunities generated by Quarina activity

  • Quarina plans to operate two production sites at the mine. As a result of Quarina operation about 200 new working places will be created.
  • Quarina operation will boost local communities as the operation will require high educated people to join the operation (such as engineers, work managers, medical nurses, teachers etc. )
  • The new jobs will boost the local economy, will increase development of local infrastructure and create additional opportunities (such as different service providers)

Budget for CSR Activities

  • Quarina will deduct 5%  of all gross profit(income minus operation costs) to support the described activity.
  • Quarina have invested about 4 Crores INR during first year of lunching of the company in various projects in Andra-Pradesh & in setting up the production plant the operation and expected to invest about 30 Crores during first 3 years after getting the licenses , few for its Odisha projects
  • Quarina have also plans to invest in local community activities about 1 Crore INR in first two years of operation – to be increased as production will rump up.